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Thread: This might be a dumb question but... (regarding 2.0)

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    Default This might be a dumb question but... (regarding 2.0)
    Ok so, when us iPod touch users pay for the new 2.0 update will we get mail, stocks, maps, etc.- will we get all the applications we had to "buy" in the january software update? In other words, when we buy 2.0 do we get the january apps with it?

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    Good question actually, I want to say yes, all the apps will be included but I'm not 100% sure.

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    [email protected]
    yes all apps will be included and im 100% sure
    dont forget to press the thnx button

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    Ah, cool, so now it just comes down to the decision, pay the 10 dollars for the update tomorrow or wait for it to be jailbroken. Ha, that actually leads me to another question, do you think once they jailbreak the iPod Touch 2.0 firmware, do you think we'll still have to pay 10 dollars for it?

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    [email protected]
    well dont wait for a jailbreak cuz it has been jailbroken look here
    well as far as the firmware will cost u 10dollars u can also find it for free on torrent sites but remember that modmyi dont allow torrent on their site so dont ask any1 for the firmware
    hope u understand me

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    CrackerxJack92 (2008-07-11)

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    ya i saw that but its iphone, does it mean its jailbroken for ipod touch? also wouldn't it be worth to buy it than torrent it just to be on the safe side?

    also i assume the firmware will be offically able to download at 8am, when the iphone is released/goes on sale?
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    [email protected]
    well to be honest i dont no when the ipod touch firmware will be jailbroken but i can assure you that the devs will jailbroke it cuz its a lil easy then the iphone and as far as the firware release time is concerned buddy i realy dont no when it will be released
    oh about the torrent yes if u want it free use the torrents other u want it safe and legally then buy it from apple
    oh and they have also unlocked the newest firmware which is officialy released by apple means when u connect ur iphone it gives u that message`update ur iphone to 2.0`

    or something like that well it not on the home page rite now ? ?
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    well the thing that im just thinking about is if they put an encryption on the firmware so that only one ipod can use it.

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    [email protected]
    i dont think theyll do that cuz it will be stored on ur computer just connect any ipod touch and update i think im not 100% sure
    i dont think they will do that !!!
    well ipod firmware was leaked today but badluck that the link has been broken now and now there is no leaked firmware

    can u give me ur email adress so i can tell where to get it
    cuz i dont wanna post here cuz warez is not allopwd here
    ? ? well my email adress [email protected]
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