I wanted to write a shell script, which automatically changes all the English Icon names in a SummerBoard Theme to the German ones (i.e. Contacts.png to Kontakte.png). It's a b*tch to do it all by hand

Aaaand since I never dealt with shell scripting before i was hoping you guys could help me out a little.
I wrote this 'script':
cd Library/SummerBoard/Themes/$1/Icons

/bin/mv Calculator.png Rechner.png
/bin/mv Calendar.png Kalender.png
/bin/mv Clock.png Uhr.png
/bin/mv Contacts.png Kontakte.png
/bin/mv Maps.png Karten.png
/bin/mv Music.png Musik.png
/bin/mv Notes.png Notizen.png
/bin/mv Photos.png Fotos.png
/bin/mv Settings.png Einstellungen.png
/bin/mv Stocks.png Aktien.png
/bin/mv Video.png Videos.png
/bin/mv Weather.png Wetter.png
And put it in /private/var/root (Since that's where vt100 puts you at startup by default)
So when I want to change the icons i just open vt100 and type
csh rename.sh <foldername>

Well, it works, but I do have a couple of problems.
-Can you specify the start folder for TAB completion? (Would make it easier to enter the foldername
-I know the code makes every real programmer cry. What with all the ifs and exits i dont have, haha

Please tell me how to improve that script. And don't be too harsh.. First-timer here