ok, first I would like to say; I can hack some parts of windows but I am clueless about the internal workings of the ipod.
I fixed my own pod (jailbrake) with ziphone.
I have installed a few apps using the installer.

ok my questions:
1. has anyone found a way to access the files on the touch through the cable in windows, like you would an external storage?
in windows.

2. I need a terminal. the one in the installer will not download. what are my alternatives?

3. people offer programs for the touch in zip files. I can't download them on my ipod (at least it says I can't) and the programs that I need to install to do file fiddling are not installed or available at sources. so how do you install these files? like if I download terminal.app it is in a zip file. so "ipod can not download this file" so i put it on my PC and look at it for a while. then I search around and try to figure out how to put it on the ipod in such a way as to make it do what it should do. my head starts to call for caffeine. another example: lots of people say "load ssh onto your ipod"
OK, i would love to but I don't have a clue how to do that. the closest thing I have found was for a mac. other options use things that are not in my list of apps or use vt100 term which will not download.

so the answer to #3 probably will take care of 1 and 2.