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Thread: Bluetooth for iPod iTouch

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    Thumbs up Working Bluetooth for iPod iTouch !
    Here is a bluetooth device that works with the ipod touch. Problem is the price $175 I got one and confirm it works. Now for some software for voip
    I will try voice notes and see if that works.
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    What do ya mean spam??? I am a WISP in NM and i KNOW this product WORKS. What do ya want? My pic using it ?

    BTW voice notes does not work with it. The only thing that does work is the music to the BT headset. Boo Hoo. Do we need to enable the BT stack in the touch OS like in the iPhone ? Just gussing here.
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    ipod touch dosent have bluetooth and there isnt any purpose to this topic except selling that product hence why i said 'spam'

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    ohnonotme - Wasn't you just replying with 'spam' - technically in itself, spam?

    It's not spam, he was just sharing something with the rest of the forum, what's your problem mate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XiZZo View Post
    ohnonotme - Wasn't you just replying with 'spam' - technically in itself, spam?

    It's not spam, he was just sharing something with the rest of the forum, what's your problem mate?
    oo oo oo, i want to get into this fight.

    Ohnonotme never said his posts weren't spam messages.

    Haha, just kidding.

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    is not spam,theres a motorola bluetooth headset too,so i think this could be true,you connect the bt in the charger of the ipod

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    is it a dock adapter that connects to the ipod and gives you bt? Because i thought it was a bt thing that supposedly worked on the ipod touches non existant bt

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    It is a dongle that connects to the ipod touch dock adapter. I know the hardware is missing in the touch. This adds the hardware but what about the BT stack and control of the BT adapter ? Does some software need to be written ? This would be great if it (or another BT adapter) added BT funtion to the touch. So far the adapter only alowes music to be played to the headphones (but not to any headphone) and it will pair with my moto q and answer the phone etc. and the track buttons do change the tracks in the music. I know the adapter is expensive but if it works maby we can get the mfgr to offer the dongle only at a resonable price < $50 ? Hope to hear from people wanting to add BT to the touch !

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    i received this today after seeing this post. it is an excellent product and works flawless if you dont mind having the dongle sticking out. the headphones feel a little fragile and low quality but the sound is great and the volume is fine. i find no problem in reception.

    does not, as of yet, work with the voip app (for more info visit their site) there are microphones that work with the ipod touch. namely theirs and ive heard the griffin italk does too. so far i can not hear audio (though that could be because its faint) and i definetley can not send audio.

    also, in phone usage, audio is very faint and it is unusable. (with LG Fusic)

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    Right, i was thinking if the itouch is downgraded to 1.1 and Appsnapp installed on it from, thats the first step. Then using the bluetooth adapter with a bluetooth set with microphone, u could use the itouch version of skype which is on for VOIP. this is just my idea, untested. Let me know what you think.

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