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Thread: Brand new iPod slow and hot

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    Default Brand new iPod slow and hot
    i just got my 4th ipod touch brand new yesterday when i come home to hack it i notice its unreasonably hot and slow iv never had an ipod touch or an iphone that was like that. lucky for me when i hacked it it got back to a normal speed but when i touch that ipod it feels like it can melt threw james bonds car. do u think i should swap it or wait to see if it doesnt get hot anymore?

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    depends, definitely something wrong with it getting that hot. Is this happening during normal useage or when are you charging it, you aren't using firewire to charge it by any chance are you?

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    I charge my iPod with firewire and it feels like my hand is going to burn off =|
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    12v make ipod cranky

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    That happened with me one day (not only was it hot but it completely burned through the battery). I just let it sit and cool off (put it on a cold surface will help it cool off even more). You just might want it to sit, reboot it maybe and see if that may help...

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    Is this happening during u charge it? R u sure there isn't connecting a firewire with ur itouch when u charge it?

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    I say return it before its to late, dont want that thing melting on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uklarz View Post
    I say return it before its to late, dont want that thing melting on you.
    I agree. Return it before its to late

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    return it...

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