I've been mucking about with this for days now. Even done a complete restore and re jailbreak. If you don't try and change your Battery set on the lock screen the green battery will show the full 100% when fully charged. If you put a set into Customize Battery Images folder and alter it, it will work for awhile then it too only shows the one before 100%. And then after that you can't even get back to the original Springboard 100%. I've removed all the sets from Customize/Battery Images and also put back an original set into the Springboard.app where the original pngs are and it still won't give you the 100% one. Very Frustrating. It obviously modifies something else and not the images as they are all correct. Anyone got any clues to the solution to this? I really dpn't want to have to do another full restore and jailbreak again. Good practice I suppose.