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    Ok, so i recently bought a mac with os x leopard, and i still have xp. i have my touch synced with my windows xp library on itunes, and it's never been plugged in into a mac, so if i plug it in, do i have to restore to get it to work with my mac?, it's jailbroken of course, i really dont wanna lose anything i have on it, i wanna be able to take my ipod and plug it into my mac when im at home so i dont have to boot my laptop with xp everytime i wanna charge it. any help would be great, thanks in advance. and i want to be able to add music to it via itunes on my mac. thanks.

    and i would also like to know if this can be done vice versa, have it synced with mac and working with xp.
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    Windows and OS X have two different iPod formats, for Windows its FAT32 or something, and I forget what it is for Macs, but I do believe that you will need to restore it to sync it to your mac/XP. But, I'm pretty sure that you can put music from your Mac onto your iPod when its synced to XP, as long as you don't sync it because then you will lose all of the songs and stuff you put on from your Mac.
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    so you can't click 'sync all checked music and videos' but you can use 'manage music manually'?
    and what i meant was, i wasn't clicking sync all checked music and videos, i mean just to add stuff with the manage music manually button, just to add music not replace what i already have.

    free bump. no one else help?
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    Ecamm Network: PhoneView Add Notes to iPhone and iPod Touch - Backup to iPhone - Download Notes, Access SMS, Contacts, Call History

    Use that, once you plug in your iPod but don't sync yet, don't even allow iTunes to open. Basically, open iTunes beforehand, go into Preferences, choose "Syncing" and click Disabl automatic syncing for all iPods and iPhones". Then plug in your iPod and open MegaDrive, and click "Import all to iTunes or whatever. Also, don't use the demo it only allows 20 songs. Anyways, all your songs will then be located in iTunes, or on the safe safe you can click "Import to computer" and then let it do it's thing and just drag and drop the folder into iTunes.

    After that you should be set on OSX.

    P.S. If you don't like paying you can "find" a way to get the app.

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    ahh theres no other simpler way, can i jus click manually manage on my mac, and drag-n-drop the songs into my ipod without formatting to osx?

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    The way I describe is ultra any way you put it.

    I'm making a video to show HOW easy it is, I'll put up a safe link in the description of the video as well.
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    itunes will only let you sync the ipod to the original library, so there is no simple OOB option, you will have to restore each time you want to sync with xp, then osx, unless you use 3rd party apps, regards

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