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Thread: Mail app "Cannot Get Mail"

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    Default Mail app "Cannot Get Mail"
    When I try to get my email through the mail app on my touch it says it cannot get my mail because I have the incorrect name or password but I use the same name and password at and it works fine. Please help. Thanx.

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    Default Correct Mail app

    Be sure you have the correct mail appl. version. If you have sys 1.1.2
    you have to go here,, to get the the correct mail appl. version.

    Lasse T

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    I had the 1.1.2 mail app when I had 1.1.2. When mail displayed that message I uninstalled it. When it went to restart it just sat and the wheel spun. I then reinstalled 1.1.1 and it works good but I still get the same message (I now have the 1.1.1 mail app.)

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    1.1.1 or 1.1.2
    is the solution!!

    Thanks again!

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    hey i have 1.14 and im have the same problems what should i do

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    I think that you have to have the same version of the mail app as your firmware.
    ie 1.1.1 mail app only works with firmware version 1.1.1.

    ipod touch master's website has some instructions on this in a YouTube video somewhere. That's how i did mine.
    Also, make sure you install the preferences fix too. Otherwise you'll probably have issues.
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