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Thread: Help with SSH

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    Default Help with SSH
    I was able to ssh into my 8GB iPod iTouch. I used cyberduck and I did log in as root with the path set to /.

    I cannot locate:


    I know it has to be there and the the problem is more than likely a PEBCAK but some help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance (and I will provide thanks upon resolution).

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    Found it.

    Copied a theme into the Themes folder. By that I mean I copied over the folder from the zip file (NOT the .zip file itself, just its extracted folder).

    Fired up SMBPref's, changed theme and hit restart springboard.

    Hard Lock.

    Held down power and home button till it turned off.

    Waited 2 minutes.

    Powered on.

    Still sitting here at the apple logo.

    I am assuming I needed the chmod the folder or something?

    UPDATE: It's fixed.

    I was able to ssh into the little sucker and remove the offending folder.

    As soon as I did that it came up.

    I am going to shut it off and do a complete restart just to make sure all is good.

    Will report back in a minute.

    {roughly a minute later...}

    All is good.

    I lost my theme preferences, but a quick run through with Customize has taken care of that. All my other addons / hacks are functioning normally.

    So here is the next question:

    I wanted to install a theme I downloaded from here.

    So I ran through the procedure I thought.

    What is the correct procedure for installing themes not available in the installer?

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    Put the theme into the themes folder
    using SSH. Then change the permissions of the theme to 755. Open up SMBPrefs, select your theme, hit home. Let it respring, and turn off the iPod using the power button. Don't force shut it down if you don't need to. Turn it back on, and then launch an app. Your theme should now work and appear on the springboard.
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