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Thread: just some stupid questions...

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    Default just some stupid questions...
    ok so i jailbroke my ipod touch in a breeze...
    installed some apps...
    i want to know how (& from where) can i download more iphysics' games?...for this, do i need to install some additional sources?
    also, what is open ssh for?..i installed it from the it for connecting the ipod to my computer?..if not, how can i connect my ipod to the computer?..i mean can i see my ipod in the windows explorer?, if so, can i directly put the themes and stuff through the computer?

    i know these are the stupidiest noob questions...but will be pleased if anyone can help me out...thanks..!

    ps: i don't have a wifi connection at my home.

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    Before I say anything about SSH, you need a wifi connection to do it. Sorry. But here's a video on how to do it if you're interested:

    [ame=]YouTube - How to SSH into an iPod Touch via FileZilla, Part 1[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - How to SSH into an iPod Touch via FileZilla, Part 2[/ame]

    For iPhysics levelpacks, it's all about how many you want and what kind you want. Add this source in Installer:
    and then there should be a new folder called (MOST) of my most used... look in there and there should be an app that will install 30+ level packs for you. You can get many good level packs from the iPhysics folder as well.
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    Remember, Google is your best friend. And so is YouTube!!! Enjoy the guide.

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    No stupid question here, buddy, if u have question, just ask, we all help u.
    U neeed a wifi for openning ssh.
    And u can add themes by this way, connect ur touch with pc, and put new themes to the following folders: \var\mobile\Library\Summerboard\Themes\

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    so in short i need to have wifi in order to connect it to my pc...
    thanks a lot...

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