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Thread: Can't Decide: iPhone or iPod Touch?

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    Question Can't Decide: iPhone or iPod Touch?
    I believe this is the right forum to be posting in.

    I recently have been really interested in the iPhone and iPod Touch. Originally I was going to try and get a 16GB iPod Touch for this upcoming Black Friday, but then I realized that it is the same price as the iPhone ($399). Yes, I do want to mod the iPhone or iPod Touch. I do not want to subscribe to the iPhone's phone service. I would like suggestions or main points about both the iPhone and iPod Touch to consider. I believe that this is the site that I can receive the most logical and helpful information (and also I just like this site a lot!). I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

    P.S: If I don't find an one on black friday, I will still purchase one.

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    get the iphone for sure. u dont need to subscribe with att just use it with your current carrier ( if it does use a sym card)
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    I currently have a Nextel phone. So all I have to do is take the simm card and place it into the iPhone, correct? (Sorry, I'm still learning, though I've been checking up on this site almost daily)

    Also thanks for the replys! Anyone else?

    Thanks Reako for the link, but its kinda old. From what I got out of that thread is that everyone has personal opinions. I'd like to have video and audio, but also wouldn't mind having a phone. Also, from what I got out the of thread (limited though) was that if you have another phone service on there, you do not get EDGE. Anyone else have any thoughts?
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    Definately iPhone! w00t!

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    If you don't need the extra 8 gigs, get the iPhone.

    1. Can be used as a phone (No, your nextel sim will not work. You will need either AT&T or T-mobile)
    2. It has a speaker. Albeit, not the greatest, but a speaker none the less.
    3. It has a camera. Albeit, not the greatest, but a camera none the less.
    4. The back will not get a million and 5 scratches like all iPods I've come across, that are actually used.
    5. You can adjust the volume externally!! Meaning, you can lock the phone, and turn the volume up, or down, without unlocking the phone, and touching the screen. Very convenient, imho.
    6. Just makes more sense. Think about it, you can go get a iPod with a HUGE hardrive, for a couple hundred bucks. Why buy an iPod with only 16gigs, for more money? I'd be pretty miff'd if I had 400 dollars worth of 16 gigs, while I could have 250-300 dollars of 70+ gigs, if not more (haven't checked apple pricing in a while). I'd rather spend that 400 on a multifunction device, and get another dedicated device for less money, and more gigs.

    iPhone ftw.

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    @AHWagner18: NO! Sorry to yell, but I just saved you A LOT of headache. Nextel works on a different type of network than that the iPhone operates on. Do not get the iPhone if you plan to still use the Nextel service!!! I just want to help ya bro. Instead get the 16GB iPod Touch. You will have almost the same amount of hacks for it. The only thing that you couldn't use is anything that depends on EDGE capabilities. Check the iPT (iPod Touch) sub-forum for more. Also, it should be noted that the iPT was the first out of the iPT and iPh to be jailbroken on the newest f/w (1.1.2). But yeah, the iPT will be the best choice for you.

    BTW: I'm totally iPhone FTW all the way! BUT, this case calls for different procedure

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I also want to have the internet connected to the device, therefore the iPhone wouldn't have EDGE or a phone plan so I would receive no internet. The iPod Touch would get just WiFi, correct?

    P.S: I thought the kid who hacked the first iPhone was able to use any service plan without paying anything, correct? Please inform me.

    Again, thanks for the replies!

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    Both the iphone and the ipod touch have WiFi, so the iPhone is still the better option.

    The person who did the hardware hack, only did it to allow any SIM, not any phone service. GSM (at&t, t-mobile) and CDMA (spint, verizon, alltell, nextel, and a couple others) run on totally different networks.

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    Let me ask you this: How much more time is left on your contract w/ Nextel? If it's only a couple of months, then wait to buy the iPhone and switch to AT&T (or T-Mo). If you have no intention of leaving Nextel, then don't get the iPhone, it will constantly try to get EDGE stuff. Since your service is not supported in the iPhone, it would make no sense to purchase it.

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    ^That is a valid point that I didn't think of. My 2 year 'commitment' to Nextel should be up. Is AT&T's service any good?

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    My AT&T's service is far superior than Nextel (Talking to a 4 year user, then switched to sprint for the treo). It all depends on your location. BTW, I vote iPhone over iPod Touch anyday. As was explained, functionality is far better on the Phone. PLUS, if you decide to change carriers when the contract is up then you will be more than ready. If you are looking for just a stronghold Hard drive to hold tons of Music and Videos, then devote your mind towards the Classic iPod. You can get 160GB of space for $350. The 8GB iPhone and iPod Touch are far inferior in space, but not in user interface. It's only based on your needs man.


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