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Thread: iPod Library Self-Management

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    Default iPod Library Self-Management
    Hey Guys,

    I've spent all morning scouring google for an answer to this, so i apologise if there's a simple answer.

    What i'm looking for, is an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch that allows you to add mp3 files to the library on the fly, without using iTunes.
    A mate of mine has an iPod Touch with dropcopy, and he sent me a song, but the only way i can listen to it is by opening dropcopy and 'Previewing' it, which is a pain.

    Anyone heard of an app to do this? Anything in the works?


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    ibelieve there's no such app to "move" to the iPod library. This is b/c every song has a special code that only iTunes can create.
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    Has anyone got a link for this 'move and play' app?
    Its not specific enough for google, so i get all sorts of random stuff.

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    You could use Sendfile to listen to your songs.
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    I would, except i can already do that with Finder and AVPlayer.

    What i want to do is add the music i'm copying into the iTunes Library on the device so that i can listen to it any time without having to specifically play the file through another app.

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    Jamier, if u solve it, pls tell me, a friend of mine seem to have this problem, thanks

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    Yeah actually I wouldn't mind that either. Seeqpod content SCREAMS to be on my music app.
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    Hey Guys,

    rasbill gave me further info.

    You can install the app from there, it gives you the installer source url. Once in it, you just have to set a Firewire GUID (Instructions on the site) on the settings page, and make sure you point the iTunes DB to where your downloaded songs are (ie /var/root/Downloads for haichu's SafariDL plugin). Then press the go button and it saves those songs into the Music library on the touch.

    I tested it with a seeqpod song saved in the Downloads folder, and then played it in the Music app. Great Success!

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