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Thread: I think my phone finally gave up...

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    Default I think my phone finally gave up...
    So I've had the same iPhone for quite some time now, since about September of 2007. When I first got my iPhone I broke it multiple times trying to jailbreak it but I managed to get a refurb every time from Apple because I'm just skilled like that, but now my phone has finally crapped out I think. So I used ziphone to unlock it on 1.1.4, and it was very quirky. Freezing constantly, some apps wouldnt work, just not 100% functioning basically. Now it won't start up, it just freezes at the apple logo and has that retarded excuse for an hourglass just rotating over, and over again. I've put it into recovery mode multiple times and it just goes back to the same thing after it finishes restoring. Any ideas before I go to the Apple store? I really don't want to go and have them tell me that I broke it and they won't replace it.

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    If I understand your issue correctly, I think I had the same problem. If you are using Windows, restore your iPod on a mac. Just stop by the Apple Store, connect your iPod, and then restore it. They shouldn't have any problems with it but I'm not sure, a guy at the genius bar did it for me. If you are on a Mac, restore using Windows. I'd imagine you could just go to a friends house to do this if you don't have windows. Here is how you should jailbreak it again though:

    1. Download iLiberty+ (Windows) or iNdependence (Mac). A simple Google search should cover it, or maybe on MMi...
    2. Install the jailbreak program.
    3. Launch the one you are using from above steps.
    3.5 (missed step): Connect iPhone and restore to firmware 1.1.4 or 1.1.3. Your choice.
    4. Select he options that you want. You ca downgrade the baseband, jailbreak, unlock, or activate (or all of them) Also, in version 3.0 (of iLiberty, at least), there should be an option to install apps over Wi-Fi. Check that Box. It installs Installer.
    5. Let it do its job and don't touch anything. Wait until you are back at the lock screen or home screen before doing anything else.
    6. Open contacts app.
    7. Hit add new contact.
    8. Hit the First and Last name button and type gibberish for 10-30 seconds.
    9. Hit cancel 2 times and then hit home. Now your iPhone will not freeze up when typing. Weird solution, I know, but it works every time.

    Now that should've worked. Next time, though, post in the right place
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    Give credit where credit is due, press "thank you"
    When all else fails, put it into restore mode!!!
    Remember, Google is your best friend. And so is YouTube!!! Enjoy the guide.

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