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Thread: I used now how can I get iphone apps??

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    Default I used now how can I get iphone apps??
    Ok, I donít know a lot about computer but last night i found this site and I went to it on my iPod touch. And it was really easy to do it. I just went to that site waited 5 mins and then turned on my touch and I had a new icon Installer. So far I did the calendar add thing. Works great!! There is also a list of other things to download but none of them seem to work right. They just open and then close after 3 secs. Why is this?? Also there isnít anything listed but i really want the iphone apps. Is there a site or something that I can go to on my iPod touch to get these??
    I saw on YouTube this kid was doing it but it was too confusing for me. On this jailbreak app that I have its so easy to download the stuff but they donít have the notes or weather apps.
    Is there an easy way to get the apps I want??

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    You will need to first download Community Sources. Then download BSD subsystem to make apps stop crashing.
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    ok but where can I find these things and how do I do it? Is it easy?

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    Open Installer and go to Sources, and download Community Sources. Then install BSD subsystem from System.

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    wow thats it, let me try this ...

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    I have BSD and they still hang and crash. I changed allfile attributs to 755 as well.
    Re-installing BSD now to see if that helps

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