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Thread: can i use Itouch into a flashdrive?>

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    Default can i use Itouch into a flashdrive?>
    How can i use my Ipod touch into a flashdrive or a storage device? and what is the advantage of jailbreaking?

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    Yes you can, only if you jailbreak... lol

    Then you can use SSH to use ur itouch as a storage device.

    In my own opinion I wouldn't even use my ipod 10% as much as I do because its jailbroken.

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    When you buy your iTouch, it is using about 5% of it's full potential, Jailbreaking it lets it use it's other 95%.

    Jailbreak allows you to do things Apple only wishes they had available!!!

    From customizing the layout and colors of your iTouch or iPhone, special add-ons to Safari that allows you to download files, programs that make your iPod more easy to manage, even play your favorite Nintendo games in the palm of your hand!

    Think it's hard to do...well...


    Jailbreaking your iTouch or iPhone can be done with one simple click! Afraid you will mess up your iPod? Don't be scared! With all the new updated ways to Jailbreak, all the bugs have been picked out and Jailbreaking is eaiser than adding a song to you iPod!

    Here are the top ways to Jailbreak...

    Firmware 1.1.1

    1. Go to on your iTouch or iPhone using Safari
    2. Click "Install AppTapp" at the bottom of the page
    3. Let your iTouch or iPhone restart (Can take up to a minute)
    4. The has been added, enjoy your Jailbroken iPod!

    I'm not sure of good ways for 1.1.2 or 1.1.3 since all the updated programs have now been desinged for the newest Firmware, 1.1.4

    Firmware 1.1.4

    Two most effective, easiest, and fastest ways to Jailbreak 1.1.4


    1. Open iTunes and restore your iPod to 1.1.4 Frimware
    2. Go to
    3. Select if you have a Mac or PC
    4. After the file has been downloaded, extract it to your Desktop
    5. Open ZiPhone (Make sure iTunes is still open)
    6. You now have the options of what you want to do.
    6A. If you have a iTouch, I would suggest clicking the Jailbreak button ONLY!!!
    6B. If you have a iPhone, it gives you the option to Jailbreak, Unlock, Activate, ect. it even has all the options for iPhone on one button to get it all done faster.
    7. After you click your selection, you will see the setup running on your iPod, just let it do it's job!
    8. After it is finished, iTunes will say your iPod is in recovery mode, just unplug your iPod and click OK in iTunes

    Your Done!

    The second it iLiberty+ you can download it from here...

    I have not used this program so I can't give instructions, but others on the fourms here will be glad to help!

    Hopes this helps, and happy Jailbreaking!!!

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    Here are the instructions on how to jailbreak using iLiberty+ (or iNdependence for the Mac)
    1. Download iLiberty+ using Cheezy's link, or iNdependence from MMi.
    2. After installing, restore your iPod touch.
    3. Open iLiberty+ and then check the boxes by jailbreak and installer (the caption below it should say something like "allows installation of 3rd party programsover Wi-Fi").
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions, and don't touch your computer/keyboard/mouse. Also, your iPod will restart 2-3 times during the jailbreak, so just wait until your iPod either goes to the lock screen or the home screen before closing iLiberty+.

    Hope this helps. I like iLiberty b/c it just seems all around better to me.
    Give credit where credit is due, press "thank you"
    When all else fails, put it into restore mode!!!
    Remember, Google is your best friend. And so is YouTube!!! Enjoy the guide.

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    What is SSH?I have jailbroke my itouch with iliberty.can you give me some guides on how to use my itouch as a storage device?
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    Yes, ZiPhone does work with Windows XP. Just make sure you download the windows version from the download list. To SSH, here's what you do:

    1. Install these things (you may already have them, and if so, you don't need to reinstall them):
    BSD Subsystem
    Open SSH
    and iToggle or Services or NetServices or BossPrefs (I prefer, get from BigBoss' source in Installer). Any one of these will do, b/c they all have one necessary thing in common; they let you toggle SSH on and off.
    2. Find an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client. If you don't know what one to use, I suggest FileZilla b/c its 100% free for all OS'. I have a video on how to SSH into your iPod from FileZilla and how to get FileZilla as well. Just search YouTube for iTouchMaster2.

    Follow those two steps and it will be a very simple and easy process.
    Give credit where credit is due, press "thank you"
    When all else fails, put it into restore mode!!!
    Remember, Google is your best friend. And so is YouTube!!! Enjoy the guide.

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    I have a video of how to SSH in my youtube account,

    Basically you can tranfer files over to it by wifi. When you need them again drag them back. SSH is very useful to add torrent files so you can download them when you're on the go, using an app called torrentula.
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