I put this in this forum because I don't want info for the iphone. I have a touch and need specific info based on this products capabilities.

First off, I already know what most are going to say. Buy a car radio that supports the ipod. Have one and I hate the SOB. It was purchase a few years back when they first started coming out. It's a Kenwood that has a long port cord that travels to the back of the receiver. All it will do is play what's currently playing on my ipod. to change albums or artists I need to unplug it, change the settings, then reconnect the cord (total pain in the ***) That and it dosn't charge my touch either. I'm sure there are better systems out now but I can't drop another 400+ on a radio.

So that problem turned me on to an FM tuner. I know I may loose some quality but if I really wanted to hear a song all perfect then I could always plug it back in to the radio. So far I havent' seen **** on the market spacificly for the Ipod touch. Here are the things I need:

*must charge my ipod touch.
*have a wide range of FM selection.
*won't hender my ipod to only playing music ( would be nice to have my movies play over the radio, for road trips)

What I think would be kick ***.
*have not only FM capabilities but also HD radio too. My car can receive HD signal too. This would help improve the quality issues.
*if its a docking bay, have it tilt to the side for playing movies (not for me! for the people riding along!)

If anyone knows anything about a product that uses some of the listed features about, reply and I give you cookie!