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Thread: Some Questions that need answers, Please!

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    Default Some Questions that need answers, Please!
    Hi Guys,
    firstly thank you for taking the time to read my questions, any help i recieve will be much appreciated!

    i have just purchased a new iphone and i used ilibertyx to jail break the phone. i can now use my own sim card. the firmware was version 1.1.4.

    i also installed cydia package as this was an option on libertx.

    now is cydia an installer package?

    i have looked at loads of forums and i am very confused, i want to put the nes on my iphone and the roms.

    some jail brak programs nave installer paxkages on them that have the nes in the games section,

    cydia does not have this! do i need to install another installer package to get the nes and nes roms to work.

    what is the mosyt up to date coolest applications to have on your phone and how do i get them?

    ireally want to put the nintendo on my iphone and run the games.

    also i have an itouch do i need to jail break this to run 3rd party applications such as the nintendo games? if i do what software can i use to do this?

    i have mentioned i already have the libertyx program, so shall i use this?

    if i do use this do i have to upgrade the firmware to 1.1.4.

    i know there is a lot of questions here but i would really appreciate the help


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    I think I can answer the Cydia question for you.

    This morning I restored my iPhone and then used iLiberty+ to Jailbreak, Unlock and Acivate again just to get rid of it.

    This time I added installer as a payload.

    From what I can determine, Cydia combines BSD subsytem and an installer, however, at present, there's no option to add sources to increase the available apps.

    For me it was just uneccessary clutter so I got rid of it and installed BSD seperatley.

    It won't do any harm to leave it though. I'm not sure if you can add installer from it.

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    hi there so if i remove cydia and add a seperate installer that is better!! can you please tell me what installer you are using.....bsd? where do i get this ? and how do i install this?

    i am a complete noob

    i really want to get an installer that is good.

    also, you mentioned you had to restore your do you do that,

    would really appreciate the help!!


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    There is only one Installer.

    Here's how to restore and remove Cydia:

    Connect to iTunes and restore you iPhone. This will set it to 1.1.4.
    Start iLiberty+ and assuming you're using a valid sim just check Jailbreak.
    Go to the Advanced tab and the Local tab and see if Intaller is listed.
    If it is the check the box.
    If not, got to the Available on Repo tab and download installer, following the directions. It will then appear under the local tab for you to check it.
    Then click the Go For It button.
    Wait for it to do it's stuff and then you will have a jailbroken iPhone with Installer on your home screen!
    Then download whatever apps you are interested in.

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    Thank You So Much For Your Reply, I Will Give This A Go When I Get Home From Work Tonight And Hopefully I Will Be Able To Get The Nes Application On My Phone So I Can Play All The Old Skool Games

    this worked great thank you, can i do this for my itouch too?
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    I've no idea, but I don't see why not.

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