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Thread: Need Help Perfecting My Ipod Pleeeaaasseeee!!

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    Default Need Help Perfecting My Ipod Pleeeaaasseeee!!
    I have an Ipod touch(which I got a week ago) with firmware 1.1.4 which i jailbroke using ziphone.

    many of the apps on installer require older firmware like 1.1.1 or 1.1.1. Should I swich the firmware to an older version? what's so good about 1.1.4?

    how can i explore my ipod touch's hard drive and add files on windows xp? (to add text files to mobile text edit, gba games, ebooks). which program do you use?

    how do i get apple's original notes application onto my ipod touch?

    why is my clock on 24 hour time and why cant i change that one setting?

    Thanks, Dani

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    To fix your clock go to Settings/General/Date & Time. You'll find the button for 24-hour time and a few others.

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    All the apps I have found I got working with 1.1.4

    1.1.2 and lower doesnt let you move your icons around. Plus quite a few other things.

    To Access your itouch's drive (its not a hard drive) you must use SSH
    (Open SSH app) and FTP(ProFTP App) to SSH into your device.

    A little research on these forums will go a long way my friend...

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    if you prefer you could browse around your ipods files without an external and it'll install an app that lets you see and maniputate your files from the ipod itself

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    I installed MobileFinder a couple weeks ago, and it wouldn't let me venture past the ~/ folder. Couldn't get anywhere before there. Maybe it was just a bad install?
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    no mobilefinder is gay like that
    does that to me too
    its a "safety precaution" so n00bz don't go out and delete their whole firmware
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    You need to go into "Settings" in MobileFinder and turn on "System File Access"

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