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Thread: The All-Famous Song Skip

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    Default The All-Famous Song Skip
    First of all, I am happy to be a member of this modding community. My iPod Touch is modded and good to go.

    However, one thing that bugs me is this: some songs skip to the next one without me doing any physical action towards the iPod. Sometimes, a song just stops audio playback and goes to the next one for no reason at all. I checked that song again and it plays perfectly when I fast forward the music to the point beyond where the song skipped.

    I have found threads about this and many people seem to complain about it. They had some solutions but some say these do not get the job done:

    1. Cold reboot
    2. Full restore and backup
    3. Erasing the whole iPod then resync
    4. Do not do anything when iPod is syncing
    5. Use a Mac or XP
    6. Jailbreak
    7. Replace

    Please help a fellow member go through this trouble. I'm very sorry if I have troubled you guys but I need help fast. Is there any real solution to the song skipping problem? Thanks in advance.

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    check to see that you haven't limited the duration in the tag in itunes
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    i had this same problem when i had an ipod touch, but i have yet to have it on the iphone... the only way i have ever gotten rid of it was by restoring the ipod... i am sure that is the last thing you wanted to hear but even if i deleted all the songs off of it and then resynced it would do it again that same day

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    I have had this problem and I just convert the song in itunes from mp3 to AAC and it works fine.

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    All are in AAC format and I already tried restoring it. There were no duration limits whatsoever too.

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