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Thread: School+802.1x = No WiFi for me (Help)

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    Default School+802.1x = No WiFi for me (Help)
    hi, i was wondering if there was any type of hack for ipod touch for it to be able to read from a 802.1x type of internet from my school. one more thing some where in my installer apps i read 802.1x type internet or somthing like this now that i actually wanted to chek out what that was i cant fine it, would any of you know what that was.


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    Why are you using the iPod during school? Pay attention to school, you're just putting distractions in front of you.
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    like I said, not helping.

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    Well, after reading this post, I thought that something like this would be really awesome (for use during lunch, of course, school is important). So, after finding absolutely nothing helpful, I opened installer in search of an iPod icon to replace my Music and Video icons (by the way, does anyone know what that application is called???). Well, I sort of "stumbled" across this app. It's pretty awesome. I haven't really had a chance to try it yet, and I don't know how to use it, but it's called Stumbler. It should be under the Conceited Software source, in the category Network. It allows you to see networks that would normally appear invisible. Like I said, I haven't quite had a chance to check it out at school yet, but I'll come back with some more information on it tomorrow (if I try it out). So, I suggest you check it out.

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    My school uses that too. It makes me mad 'cause their wireless network is the only one in range and I can't even connect to it. I'd like a hack to do that.

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    Sorry guys. When I went to school today, the very first thing that I tried was to see if Stumbler could find my school's network. Either my school doesn't have Wi-Fi (which I highly doubt) or else the faculty aren't as stupid as I once cared to think. I don't know if your school is the same as mine, but chances are that your school's Wi-Fi is also hidden. But, the stumbler application is really neat. I suggest that you look into it anyway, just in case you find yourself in a place where you think that there is no Wi-Fi cause it won't show up on your iPod Touch's Wi-Fi searcher-thing. You might be surprised.

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