Hi all,
I came across your forms from a web search and figured I ask a hard question or two.

I am new to ipods my kids have had them for a few years and i never messed with them.
Until they dropped one and cracked the screen and i had to fix it.
I was surprised actually at how simple it was.

Well sense then i have been buying ipod touches with broken screens and fixing them and reselling them.
Not making a killing by no means. It is pretty much just cheap entertainment and I get to learn something new.

Well my questions are
1. I have a white screen on an 8gi gen4 i replaced the screen on. I did not disconnect the battery and when i did the replacement the system turned on with no screen attached.
I tried pretty much every easy way on the web to reset the unit and it still has a white screen.
IT DOES play music also make noise when home button is pushed and the alarms still go off on it. SO DOES THIS MEAN IT IS OK?
Also i am missing the metal bracket that should go on the new screen from around the camera of the old screen. Also missing some of the cooper tape on the rear camera housing.
What do you guys think? I can get the part and tape to put in it, but will that make a difference and what other methods if any do you know of to reset it.

NOW the hard question.
I bought a pretty bet up 32gig gen4 for 5.00. It has a very bad cracked screen and the home button does not work nor does the bottom of the touch screen. The owner said it did not power up. I bought it for the hardware. Well low and behold charged it up and it powered right up to a passcode.
I would love to play around with JAILBREAKING especially with a 5.00 ipod i do not care about.
Problem is I believe i need to know the IOS version before i jailbreak it. Do I need to know that? If so is there a way to find this out even with all the problems this pod has.

What do you guys recommend?
Thanks for your time.