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Thread: Music Legend Squares Up to Challenge Apple's iPod

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    NEWS FLASH! The iPod and standalone music players in general ARE DYING!
    In case they didn't get the trend memo, music player functions are being absorbed into cell phones

    Better to include a premium "Lossless" player in a premium phone with lots of storage. Just sayin...

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    Is this a joke? It looks like it is made for a child. A $30 noise maker. NEXT>>>>>

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    99.99% of people won't notice the difference between a high bitrate AAC file encoded by a decent encoder versus a "lossless" format. The average user listening to music from a iPod, iPhone, Android, or other similar device connected via a 3.5mm cable or bluetooth to a car stereo while buzzing down the road at 70 miles per hour wouldn't notice.

    On the go, I carry around my music on my iPhone. At home, I have a very nice Windows Media Center PC connected via HDMI to a 5.1 surround system that I play my music through. I don't see a need for this additional device in my life, and I doubt most people would.

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    He's been working on this for a few years. FLAC and WAV aren't high-end enough for him, and his claim is that the sound of the music you can download (there is the issue) for this player will be higher-end. So far, to my knowledge, no one offers the higher-end sound files.

    That said, I don't use an iPod or iPhone to listen to music. I have a dedicated player that plays uncompressed music files (yes, at about 700+mb an album), an amp for it, and earbuds with three drivers per ear. Total cost is about $500-600 for the setup. And it makes me happy to listen to good music in very good fidelity. I can walk around with it, and it's like having a home stereo in my pocket.

    His player may be nice, or it may be a dud (if the music files he envisions are not available). But keep in mind that not everyone wants to cram giant amounts of compressed music into MP3 files and then listen to it.
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    Coo idea but the triangle prism shape is just goofy. If it was flatter rather than triangle, it may have a possible chance but the shape is just too awkward and whoever said it probably won't sit right in your pocket is probably correct. Other than that, it's biggest selling point would be the 128GB of space which is alot of space, even for today's standards for a mobile device

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    I especially like the talk from the self proclaimed audiophile discerning quality sound from a digital device joined to high end exhorbitantly priced components and swears it sounds good while they play crappy music recorded from sampling and remastered sources

    GET A ******* CLUE

    technology is solely based on idiots passing off ideas to the best networking venture to success- once then they die out when enough people begin to realize they were hoaxed will they come back to reality

    someone created a new player- and no one has developed an audio format from amongst the ones already used that deliver any better quality than the source of the recording - you can't get better sound if the source isn't quality- and that quality is also based on perception

    besides... who buys an ipod- when you can buy an entire full featured iphone for less, granted you'd be tied to a contract each month...

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    I'm not sure if you are referring to me, but if you are:

    I listen to older music, recorded in the 60's and 70's, not the highly compressed crap being made today. So your discussion of crappy sound probably doesn't apply. Remastered? Some is, most is not. I rip my own CDs carefully, using an appropriate bit rate.

    My listening devices play back those lossless files cleanly and clearly. Which is what they are meant to do. I CAN hear the difference between Apple's earbuds and my TF10's. I CAN hear the difference between a good FLAC file played on my iPhone from one played through my Colorfly C3, even before I add my JDS Labs C5 amp and a silver/gold connector. It's not "perception."

    To follow your logic, an audiophile home setup would be no better than a $50 boom box from Sears. Which is clearly not true.

    As to Mr. Young's device, which I have been reading about for more than a year, the original idea was to get the music companies to release the source material in a new format, at a much higher-level sound quality ("studio quality"), to then be used in his device. And that, as I posted, is the issue I have with this new device. Where is this new material?

    Lastly, you seem to be implying that ALL source material's quality is based, as you say, on perception, which is only partly true (I don't listen to MP3 material, but it is not perception that keeps me from doing so). And this gem: "Technology is solely based on idiots passing off ideas..." which sounds quite Luddite to me. I like technology, even if it does eventually become outdated. As a kid, we had a B&W TV, then I got a color TV in my 20's, and then more recently a flat screen. I much prefer the flat screen, and I CAN see the difference. When I was little, cars had headlights that didn't have dimmer switches- high beams were all they had. I LIKE that cars now have low beams, so they don't blind me at night. When I was young, and early middle aged, there were no computers, no internet, no digital. Now the world is full of such devices, and for all of the difficulty they sometimes bring to the qualities of our lives, they DO bring a lot of positives as well.

    Without technology you would have to post by walking around your village wearing leaves shouting out your opinions to anyone who would listen- and hope they wouldn't stone you to death or chase you from the village to live on your own in the wilderness until you died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr117 View Post
    As to Mr. Young's device, which I have been reading about for more than a year, the original idea was to get the music companies to release the source material in a new format, at a much higher-level sound quality ("studio quality"), to then be used in his device. And that, as I posted, is the issue I have with this new device. Where is this new material?
    I saw the video of Neil Young on Letterman, and he said that it's not a new format, but that it is new material because it's not changed at all from the studio to the download (and that analog recordings would be transferred to digital at the highest possible quality). I'm not sure if by "not a new format" he meant that it's a format that studios are already using or if it's FLAC. It should be available on PonoMusic when it's released soon. I don't know if there's actually a difference between this and your high quality rips or not.
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