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Thread: Screenshot Appears to Show Proof of a Jailbreak on iOS 7 Beta

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    Default Screenshot Appears to Show Proof of a Jailbreak on iOS 7 Beta

    Although it’s only been roughly three weeks since Apple seeded a beta version of iOS 7 to developers of Apple’s iOS Developer Program, one question that many people are already thinking of includes whether or not iOS 7 can be jailbroken. It seems like we might have just received some confirmation that iOS 7 can be jailbroken as Ryan Petrich, the popular jailbreak tweak developer, recently tweeted a screenshot which shows the Activator jailbreak tweak running on iOS 7 beta.

    As seen from the screenshot, Petrich seems to have gotten Activator running on an iPod that is clearly running iOS 7 beta. What isn’t clear though is if Petrich has discovered a new exploit to jailbreak iOS 7 or if it is Comex’s developer account based exploit that was used by hackers to root iOS devices. This developer account based exploit is often referred to as a failbreak and can’t be released to the public as a developer account is needed to achieve the root status.

    One thing to keep in mind is that hackers don’t release a jailbreak for beta versions for a variety of different reasons so don’t expect any jailbreak tool to help you jailbreak your version of iOS 7 beta anytime soon.

    Source: Twitter (Ryan Petrich)
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    wow that is cool!

    at least there is "some" sign of "development"

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    Comex's one is closed (think iOS6), more likely to be Chpwn's which Planetbeing updated for i5. Sadly it's reserved to the JB Devs.

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    Only sign of development we need to see for iOS 7 is WINTERBOARD!

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    How come the top bar is pixilated? I thought iOS 7 dropped support for on non retina displays except the iPad 2 and mini. Seems like it could be a fake! Don't hate me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotty Manley Silberhorn View Post
    How come the top bar is pixilated? I thought iOS 7 dropped support for on non retina displays except the iPad 2 and mini. Seems like it could be a fake! Don't hate me!
    It's because the image isn't of the greatest quality. It appears to be 100% real. Can't wait for iOS 7 official, my iPhone 5s, and the iOS 7 jailbreak!

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    Awesome!!! Although all I need in iOS7 is tetherme, and Bitesms

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    Hopefully the other JB devs get on board with p0sixninja's open source idea. Half of the delay on the iOS6 JB was a lack of leadership/coordination among the JB devs.

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    This picture doesn't really mean anything to be honest. Could just be because he is a developer

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    I wonder if they'll release it for iOS 7 or if they'll wait for iOS 7.1.

    I'll only need:

    1. BiteSMS
    2. InfiniDock
    3. SwipeSelection
    4. MultiIconMover
    5. PandoraDownloader
    6. Bridge
    7. MewSeek
    8. ProTube
    9. Safari Download Manager
    0. iFile

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    If they would and do I would think when iOS 7 final comes out.

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    Sweet! Can't wait for the official release...could be a JB on day 1!!

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    Hopefully apple doesn't release the public version of 7 with a "bug".

    I've always wonder how the legendary tweak zephyr is going to adapt to iOS 7.

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    This doesn't really mean anything at the moment. Sure its sweet to see, but this is just a beta! Can't wait for the release of iOS 7 though!

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    Is this untethered ?, stop messing around and release it for gods sake !!! ; )

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    I dread the day when I'm required to update to ios 7. I have it running on another iphone 5 and the UI is horrible.

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    just installed iOS 7 beta 2 today and already can't wait for a jailbreak...I just want my bite SMS

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    so far iOS 7 has been pretty sweet when it doesnt crash (which is expected on early betas) but well, it will get that GM and eventually fina and then comes the wait for a JB

    which in my understanding, might not come right away after its release....not until we see a refresh on the next iphone model to come out

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    Why hasn't MMI written about this yet?!?! They've had all day! Even I could've wrote 'something' at least acknowledging the rumor....

    ...and I tipped them off about it this morning...

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