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Thread: iPod Touch 2G Non-Tethered Jailbreak Guide for Mac

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    I am almost done with the whole installation.
    But when I try to run the ./rslite it gave me "Bus Error"
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    Angry 12
    hello i got to part 12
    12. Type a name for your custom fimrware and select the location to save it. It'd be better if you save this in the same folder as Pwnage Tool (named Jailbreak in this case) for convenience. After some time, it will show a pop-up asking your password, type it and click OK.
    and as it was saving about half way through it goes i haz and a cross with a kitten in a cup comes up wht have i done wrong? it doesnt ask me for the password it just does tht

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    I did steps 1-9 but when I get to the part where PWNage tool searches for the firmware it says no firmware found.

    I'm sure I did the first steps correctly and I don't see why PWNage tool can't find it.

    Any help would be really appreciated. (Also I noticed that the link on step 19 is missing- does anybody know what the link is to get the LIBUSB package?)

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    bad news

    did mine a min ago... thanks a lot!

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    Default Something is not right?
    This Jailbreak just ain't working???

    It keeps coming up saying 'sry, I haz Fail!".
    Can you please help me out, Jailbreaking the original Touch is easy, but doing it on my new 2G Touch is just not working?


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    Can u use this methode with a 1st gen ipod upraded to firmware 2.2.1?
    Thanks for response

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    Default need help on part5...
    Problem with Part5. I couldnt copy ''Info.plist'' and paste it on the other folder. It saids ''The Info.plist couldnt be moved because CydiaInstaller.bundle cannot be modified. Anyone know what to do?

    On part 10. Pwnage tool cannot find the 2.2.1 firmware file i downloaded.
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    nothing appears in the custom packages settings. HELP!!!!!

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    So I have a few questions. First off, I followed the instructions to the letter and it didn't work. The process failed at step 13. I'm 100% sure this is something on my end! I have a 2g iTouch that I upgraded the firmware on to v. 3.1.2. Would that effect the jailbreak? Do I have to start from scratch? (i.e.: change back to factory settings...)

    Any help would be really appreciated!

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