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Thread: redsn0w Released: iPod Touch 2G Busts out of Jail

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    dont know if its possible or not but cant someone make the ipsw file and upload for everyone?

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    For those of you who want a windows version, go here[ame=]redsn0w - iPod touch Fans forum[/ame]

    Also, musclenerd has stated on twitter that the dev team is still hard at work on the untethered version, so for those of you who keep saying that this is it please find out the facts first. I think they released redsn0w lite to keep the rabid fans from bugging the crap outta them. musclenerd did respond to a ? about this with the reply that the spam has gone down significantly since the release of redsn0w lite.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    what about downgrading iTunes and restoring to a custom ipod touch 2g firmware

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    i am making a tutorial on how to apply the patch in windows in one click will be up either saturday or sunday

    a mac version is on its way also but i am more focused on windows users right now because they are still very left out

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    Great to see people contributing to these type of events. Hope it all works out for you guys.
    Best Regards,
    Steven Myers

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    who ever that was who made that gui for windows thank you bc u just saved me alot of work lol

    i will continue to work on the one click boot app

    i will also do a mac version still

    great jobb!!
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    does any one get a runtime error 304, i think it is.
    on step four of the redsn0w app??
    bugging me!!
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    i havent used the program in depth yet but if i were you i would jailbreak manually and use the redsnow app to boot i take it you dont have a mac so if you can manage to get the ipsw created then you shouldnt have any problem applying the patch

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    Have we come up with a solution for the reboot to not require the application to boot it back up or is this still in development waiting to be tested?
    Best Regards,
    Steven Myers

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    Quote Originally Posted by AppleIT View Post
    Have we come up with a solution for the reboot to not require the application to boot it back up or is this still in development waiting to be tested?
    there is still no un-teathered jailbreak but i and some others are working hard to simplify the current method

    i would like to note that the untethered jailbreak has still not been abandoned the team is still working to find a way

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    Excellent, keep up the great work and I am really crossing my fingers as I need this real bad and I am sure everyone else is as well. I'll keep an eye out for updates of this.

    Best Regards,
    Steven Myers

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewBradley View Post
    first! LOL
    what is funny

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    Any updates on a tethered boot fix?
    Best Regards,
    Steven Myers

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    not yet ive been very busy lately soon though

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    Quick question, how about if you already have your ipod touch themed out and has all your programs and the way you want it but don't want to wipe it out but just fix the boot loading to force your device to boot like normal ipod touches.

    How would one go about doing this without having to aptbackup and then reload it back up and starting fresh?
    Best Regards,
    Steven Myers

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    well it may be possible we will have to see where development goes but as of now you probobly wont need to do that anytime soon =) but when it does come along i dont see why we cant make it so you can just pop it into quickpwn or whatever method is used and it should boot normally. (just for the record it most likely wont be using quickpwn)

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    Default nuthin realy
    i've jailbroken my cousin's 2g pod it was tricky the first time but now that i have done it i can do it without putting much thought into it maybe i should have watched a few vids before i did it cuz it took me a long *** time =/ and the worst thing is i installed winterboard, and that requires a system reboot... all u have to do after it reboots is connect to ur comp and start from the first step that tells u to instal the files and restart the pod and go on from there and run a few cmd lines witch are automatic untill the last step then u should be good from there but yeah it'cool
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