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Thread: New in-ear earphones announced!

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    I agree that these should have been made compatible with the iPhone or a second set with the original iPhone cord w/ controller/mic. However, what I don't understand is how anyone here can criticize them without ever hearing them. Stop comparing them to Apple's crappy earbuds and give these a chance. With two drivers, these headphones should sound much better than most Senns or Shures. Only time will tell if they can compete with the top brands.

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    t make an a2dp headset and enable a2dp already (i wont buy anything tho, i have some sony a2dp ones ffrom the time i had a SE celphone :P )

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    Epicly annoyed there is no Iphone Support. Whats the point in a ****ing mic?! Ergh i am sticking to my Senhizers

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    Never try to plug an apple in your ears

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    Wow, did ANYONE actually watch the keynote? I can't believe no one has corrected this already.

    Apple is releasing 2 new headphones, one is the regular earbuds, with the added mic and controls. This is for the new touch/nano/classic, because part of the new user interface is a voice recording program. The regular earbuds that come with the iPhone already have a mic! These headphones will be $30.

    In addition to the standard earbuds + mic/controls, Apple is also releasing in-ear headphones, which is a first for them. The in-ears have the 3 interchangeable earpieces as mentioned, and will sell for $80. Steve never mentioned the in-ears having any such microphone/iPod control like the new earbuds.

    Hopefully this makes a bit more sense.

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    Apple actually has had in ear headphones before. I have some and loved them, until i somehow broke one and had to glue it back together
    Apple Store (U.S.) - Apple iPod In-Ear Headphones

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    Apple's headphones have always been S*#T.

    No thank you.

    Sennheiser or Shure will be my choices

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    looks cool but I couldnt spend $79 on some head phones especially made by apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeviN | NiveK View Post
    Your Right.
    Apple is Apple.
    i just dont think
    that its NOT for the iPhone.
    probably there mad at us.. lmao
    im fine with my headphones and at $79..
    i rather buy like a bunch load of apps .. and buy a normal mic'd headphones for 30
    I agree lol. I can buy earphones with the same audio output at Wal-mart for $23. They only difference is the logo and the volume control and mic. (Which I can't use anyway because I'm 1G touch.)
    And, it wouldn't surprise me for apple to be angry with us. Everything they put out gets PWNED! haha

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    can you use this mic when you jailbreak your ipod touch 8gb to talk on the phone? message me pleasee

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    Quote Originally Posted by killermike View Post
    can you use this mic when you jailbreak your ipod touch 8gb to talk on the phone? message me pleasee
    voip on a 2g...

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