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Thread: 2nd Generation Otterbox Defender Review

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    Default 2nd Generation Otterbox Defender Review

    Today i will be giving you a full review on the otterbox defender for the ipod touch 2g, Design, protection, and all.

    Technical Specifications:
    THREE layers of protection!
    Layer 1: a clear, thin membrane to protect your Touch Screen
    Layer 2: a hi-impact Polycarbonate skeleton
    Layer 3: a Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock
    Complete Touch Screen interactivity
    All buttons are accessible through the case
    Sync/Charge jack and headphone jack accessible via silicone plugs
    Dimensions (case only): 4.68" x 2.74" x .65"
    Weight (case only): 1.8 oz.

    Notes: Case NOT protected against water. Will provide some added protection against drop, bump and dust. NOT intended for protection against water intrusion.

    Copied from

    This case is designed very nicely and is split into 3 parts, the front piece with the protector for the screen, the hard skeleton (which protects the rest) and a nice silicone finsh which feels soft on the hand. Lets get on to the features. Nubs on the side of the case for the volume rockers are very easy to use, just like pressing the button itself. The auto brightness sensor is cut very good and works fully. The power button is just like the volume rockers, a nub on the top of the case and it's just like pressing the actual button. No difficulty using it at all. The home button is cut in the center and has a square where the button would be. Very easy to use like the other buttons. There are two flabs which open up and out of the slots for the headphone and usb jacks, which prevents lint from getting in. They are fit perfectly. The purpose of them is too prevent lint and thats exactly what they do. There is also a built in screen protector when you put on the case, it does a good job and does protect the screen. Moving onto the back, there is another spot with a protector, thats the cut out for a view of the apple logo. It looks like it is exposed to the air but it isn't. To finish off, there is a imprint on the back in which the otterbox logo is cut into (individual for each letter, not a box cut out..) Overall design is 9/10

    The main purpose of this case is protection. This case is the best case you could get for protection. It protects well from high falls (1 - 2 ft or more) without a scratch. The bulk and skeleton really do protect your ipod and you will have no worries if you do happen to drop your ipod with the otterbox on. Overall: 10/10

    The price of the case is $29.95
    The price of shipping is:
    UPS 2nd Day Air® – $23.54
    UPS 3 Day Select® – $16.99
    UPS Ground for Internet – $7.76
    UPS Next Day Air® – $51.22

    Orders ship from Fort Collins, Colorado.

    This case is meant more for protection than design but the design is nice. If your looking for a protection case then this case is definatly for you.

    Overall rating: 9.5/10
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    Nicely written

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    Default Otter Defender Box Problems
    The missing info on the Otter Defender case:
    If you are using the ZAGG protection screen, like I am, and you now use the Otter wtihout taking the ZAGG off, the Otter protection screen leaves an impartial watermark effect. This is not a small mark. It extends from the top of the screen, about 1.5" across by 2.5" down. Of course this is not a permanent mark, but makes the iphone look like you have installed a protection screen and done a really poor job. The effect is somewhat hidden once you have the phone turned on...but for those of us who have ZAGG screen protectors, (and I'm sure there are quite a few), this is frustrating.

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