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Thread: Dev Team has been bought out - immediate withdrawl from the iPhone community

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    I still believe that this is an April Fools joke, but if it is not, I would like to extend a big FU to the Dev Team for selling out on us...

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    Bah, this has got to be an April Fools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajl917 View Post
    I still believe that this is an April Fools joke, but if it is not, I would like to extend a big FU to the Dev Team for selling out on us...
    Spoken like a true Flyers fan... preach on, Brutha.

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    fat lady needs to sing............

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    and to think i was going to go on a mass better be a joke or there's gonna be a breaking news story tommorow

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    PF this had better be a April Fools joke or I might just

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    Well, if it is true, then will eventually be dead too. Lets see if this is true or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cranie View Post
    Dev Team is owned by no one. You all should know they would never sell out to the man
    Sell out to the "man"? Everyone has their price. As for your donations, they were given w/o inferring any ownership rights on the part of those who donated. If they sold out, and I dont blame them if they did, all your money goes with them.

    I dont see how anyone could "buy them out". As far as I could tell, they were loosely organized and really had nothing to sell.

    I think its a joke.

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    o well figures they would give in for money prolly never had a gf they could buy one now

    sike but maybe true

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    It's probably an April Fools "joke". I'm pretty sure it's already April 1st in Russia...
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    this better be a surprise for april fools or im going to have to cry.

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    my guess: pwnage will be released tomorrow.
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    this better be a surprise for april fools or im going to have to cry. its probly their release joke

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    That's so weird how does someone approach a "dev" team and purchase them. To my knowledge teams such as them are very underground. But, I hope it is just a joke, that team is very talented. It would be sad to see them completely of the iPhone Scene.

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    If it's not a joke i will be sad but dam good on them they work extremely hard and if they have a chance to sell up then go for it make some money. Yes i will be a little disappointed that PWNGE is not going to happen but there will be someone else that will do something along the same lines.

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    If this is a joke its not a very good one.

    If it isnt a joke then they are wimps and should release there work to someone who can use it.

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    I'm confused how does this differ than anything else here? All good though cover yo ***!

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    Quote Originally Posted by riku98523 View Post
    Everyone its just an April fools joke I mean really guys come on there not just going to stop Even if they did sell out whats really to stop them from releasing stuff they could just take the money and be like what are you talking about.
    Not if they signed a contract, then they could get their behinds sued straight to hell, then they "Sell Out".

  19. #99 edited their post saying its a possible april fools joke. Go figure. But let's not hope this is indeed true. Their work is crucial in the iPhone and iPod touch hacking community.

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    iflash now devteam...
    [email protected] up!

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