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Thread: Dev Team has been bought out - immediate withdrawl from the iPhone community

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    Hahaha Dev Team great prank


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    hahahahahahahaahahaha i bet so many peoples butt holes clenteched on this one...

    That was good Dev Team that was real good... haha

    It Is What It Is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
    It's over now. Deal with it.
    Hmmmmmmm, I don't give a s h i t!

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    Wow, Just go to the website that PF posted. Pwnage never changed rotfl, you guys dont deserve it, I mean geez if you can't click a link I would strongly recommend to you dont mettle with the software on you're iPhone

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    LOL, did they delay it just so they could pull this prank! Awesome! That's the ONLY Aprils fools joke that I have almost freaked at today.

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    These guys (and gals) have done a lot to turn the iPhone into an incredible device. I truly hope some big company (Apple?) throws money at 'em. They deserve it!

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    Despite everything I've read, I truly think the dev team is out of this. I may be naive, but I don't think its an April Fools joke. My 2 cents...

    What do I know, I've posted under 10 posts.

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    they are so gonna release pwnage when the announce that it was an april fools day prank
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    its an April fools joke look at the bottom of the post "Anybody get tomorrows date? "

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    well the joke still has not yet been confirmed

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    sorry didnt know that wasnt allowed... my bad
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    You should of saved your two cent's because it was a joke i mean come on people READ
    Got please close this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by cscho0415 View Post
    hey for when pwnage comes out take a look at this ... beware of the date posted not sure if it is legit or not
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    I would erase that link before a mod sees it

    Warez Violation

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    We do not allow any warez on our boards. Warez includes cracked programs that are supposed to be paid for, bios files for game emulators, games that you have to buy like NES roms, and illegal software.

    Warez posts will be removed as well as the posting user. Do NOT beg for warez on our forums.
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    FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS! I can't belive people fell for this.

    In case you still don't get it. It's April 1'st

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    ROFL. Wonder how many people fell for this one

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    yeah its april fools day but if it does turn out to be real im selling mt phone...i meen apple is a B*tch anyway for ATTEMPTING to make me pay for things that SHOULD BE free, its ridiculous the way apple has been playing "cat and mouse" with THIER CUSTOMERS if they made the thing open source like the andriod phones are going to be they would be the FIRST on the maket being that they are already in consumers hand and be very hard hitting competitor. SO in short april fools joke or not as soon as a big touchscreen adroid phone comes out im selling my iphone topic STEREO 313 your flash skull is bomb
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    Smile Hello..........

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    i just had surgery today.
    and just imagine.
    i pulled an april fools joke on them believing that i felt the knife cut my skins when the operation started..
    i was laughing..
    i am ultimately happy that this is a joke and not for real.
    i would of been dead

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    i almost fell for it, i was like WHAT THE FACK!

    long live IDT & MMI !!!

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