Ever felt like your charging view was boring? Neither did we. But it looks better now!

"Charge" is a new tweak which reimagines the charging view you see after connecting your iPhone to the outlet or to a PC. While it may seem like a minor thing, it's surely is a very nice addition to most jailbreak setups.

Created by a developer going by the name of "Mr Smith", Charge is definitely a tweak many have been looking for as the community response has been very positive so far. The charging view may be a little boring and uninformative at times, but it's all solved thanks to Charge.

According to the developer, the tweak is "unapologetically clean and minimalistic."

Features Include

- Sleek highly customisable visuals
- Configurable directly from Preview in Settings

- Over 50 customisable options, including...
- Time, including format, color, position and size
- Date, including format, color, position and size
- Battery indicator, including type, color, position and size
- Battery status, including color, position and size
- Charging Pulse, including color and size
- Custom text, including color, position and size
- Custom image can be set as Background or resized anywhere
- Dynamic colors for normal, low and critical battery
- Option to remove some or all texts and visuals
- Customise the intensity of background blur
- Ability to tint background blur or set as solid color
- Modify Lock Screen timeout
- ... and many more

- Double tap to dismiss Charge (Customisable)

The compatibility list includes iOS 10 and iOS 9 which should make some users really happy. For $0.99 on BigBoss, the purchase can be considered a no-brainer as the value you get is pretty amazing. You can go ahead and download the tweak from the link bellow.

Download Charge for $0.99