Fleksy has announced on Tuesday by way of its blog that the third-party keyboard firm was teaming up with the guys over at Riffsy keyboard to integrate it into its iOS keyboard.

For those that don't already know, Riffsy is a popular GIF keyboard, and due to the new partnership between the two keyboard firms, it now comes pre-configured with the Fleksy keyboard when you download it on your iOS device.

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Fleksy is happy to announce our exclusive partnership with Riffsy, maker of popular GIF Keyboard. GIF Keyboard will now come pre-configured when you download Fleksy, making Fleksy the only major keyboard combining typing, GIFs and emoji all in one place.

The partnership makes it easier than ever before to share highly expressive content across iMessage, SMS, Twitter, email and Facebook. You will be able to send GIFs instantly, right from within your main keyboard. All this is made possible thanks to the new features of iOS 8 and the great GIF support that the Apple platform has offered.

To celebrate this partnership, users can now download Fleksy in the App Store for free over the next week.
Moreover, Fleksy is free in the App Store for the next week. It's typically 99, so this is your chance to snag it for free, and with the additional functionality built into it for your advantage.

In addition to the integration of Riffsy, the updated version 5.4 of the application also includes the following improvements:

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- Major updates and autocorrect improvements for all languages!
- For multilingual users, the current language will be displayed on the spacebar (this can be turned off in Settings)
- Color-changing Timelapse Theme Pack! The keyboard changes to different, beautiful colors over time!
- Auto-correct OFF icon now displayed on the spacebar when Auto-correct is turned off in the textfield
- Added more accented characters
- One-handed mode now works in all cases for all devices
- Significant performance and stability improvements
- Various bug fixes
If you want to take advantage of the promotional offering, you can head over to the App Store via this link to download Fleksy keyboard for free.

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