According to a recent report, the Cupertino California company recently acquired Dryft, a software keyboard developer headed up by one of the cofounders of the popular third-party app, Swype. As of right now, it’s unclear if Apple is interested in Dryft’s software technology or the startup’s CEO, Randy Marsden, who’s seen as an entrepreneur with a long history of developing soft keyboard apps.

The financial details of the recent acquisition continue to remain unavailable but Marsden’s LinkedIn profile page suggests that the deal went down last year as he lists having started work as Apple’s iOS Keyboard Manager in September. Marsden claims his current role entails the management of keyboards and “text input intelligence” or auto-correct features for iOS devices.

As far as Dryft keyboard technology goes, the firm’s website says the app has three core features:

  1. Patent touch tap technology that can discern when a user is typing or simply resting their hands
  2. Dynamic keyboard, which automatically adjusts where the keyboard appears on screen by tracking a user’s fingers
  3. The ability to adapt to a user’s typing style over time to cut down on errors

As of right now it remains unclear if Apple intends to implement the Dryft technology in a future version of its iOS keyboard or if the Cupertino California company bought the startup in an acqui-hire angle designed to tap Marsden’s skill set. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed the acquisition either.

Source: TechCrunch