iOS developer Ryan Petrich has just launched a new creation in his beta repository called Cask that appears to be a Google Plus-inspired scrolling animation that applies to all kinds of table views in iOS 8, such as that of the Settings application, Mail application, and several others.

Cask gives you a pleasant fading animation while scrolling very quickly up or down in a table view, as you can see from the before and after screenshots above.

Petrich says that the tweak is just an experiment at this point in time, but after using it for a little while it has come to grow on me as a fun little modification for iOS 8. The tweak adds a very nice distinct animation to scrolling in iOS, giving it less of a bland look.

What's more is the tweak comes with adjustable settings so that you can make the tweak look how you want it to:

The animation style can be changed; while fading is the default, you can switch it between fading, growing, stretching, and sliding. Moreover, you can change the duration of the animation to whatever you would like it to be so that the animation lasts longer or shorter, depending on your preferences.

While this is nothing more than an aesthetic effect tweak, it's a fun tweak to toy around with. If you want to give it a try, you can add Ryan Petrich's beta repository to your Cydia sources by following the instructions below:

  • open the Cydia application
  • tap on the Manage tab
  • tap on the Sources button
  • tap on the Edit button
  • tap on the Add button
  • enter the following URL and then tap Add Source:

PHP Code: 
Name: Cask
Price: FREE
Version: 0.1
Requirements: iOS 8.0-8.1.2
Tested on: iPhone 5 running iOS 8.1.2
Repo: Ryan Petrich's Beta Repository
Developer: Ryan Petrich