Just a few days after its debut in Australia, the Apple Watch has been featured in the Australian exercise magazine, Fitness First, with a two-page spread that showcases the features for the new wearable device. Under the banner of “an Apple everyday,” the magazine runs down the company’s estimation of what it considers to be the eight best health and fitness features.

Leading the list is the Watch’s ability to discern the wearer’s detailed movements and remind them to get up if they’ve been sitting for too long following by its workout tracking abilities. The magazine also calls out the Watch’s heart rate monitor, its data visualizations, goal-setting, App-based extensibility and ability to work without a tethered iPhone. The Cupertino California company was also praised for spurring innovation among fitness-focused competitors such as the Fitbit and Jawbone devices.

It should be noted that although fitness has been an important concept behind the marketing for the Apple Watch, it has taken a marked backseat to fashion. The Watch has been given a turn in some of the world’s foremost fashion magazines including American Vogue and Vogue Paris, but hasn’t seen as much lime light in health-focused publications.

The Cupertino California company did partner with model and activist, Christy Turlington Burns who is keeping a running diary of her preparations for the London Marathon using the Watch. The company also ended up revealing their health and fitness labs where the Director of Fitness and Health Technologies, Jay Blahnik, described the process of amassing “what may be one of the world’s largest pieces of data on fitness.” Blahnik added the following regarding the topic:

We think there's a lot to this fitness thing...the impact on health could be profound.
How do you feel about the Apple Watch and it’s ability to help people live a healthier and more fit lifestyle?

Source: Fitness First via AppleInsider