A new report from Bloomberg claims that Apple will soon be debuting an iPhone trade-in program in China, so that customers can trade-in their old device to Foxconn for store credit. This means that those who currently have an older iPhone model would be able to trade it in for credit towards a newer Apple device. Apparently the idea stemmed from Apple’s successful U.S. trade-in program.

Those who are interested would have to let an Apple Store employee evaluate the iPhone’s condition before selling to Foxconn. Foxconn would be handling all backend resale support for China, just like how Brightstar Corp. does so for the U.S. market. The only difference being that the Chinese trade-in program will be exclusive to only iPhone devices, as the U.S. version is not.

After Foxconn receives the device, they will repair and resell all devices on their websites FLNet, Alibaba’s Tacbao store, and eFeuhu. It was noted that Foxconn may even process trade-ins online, similar to the U.S. program.

Source: Bloomberg