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Thread: Facebook Turns Facebook Messenger Into a Platform That Third Party Developers Can Use for Their Apps

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    Default Facebook Turns Facebook Messenger Into a Platform That Third Party Developers Can Use

    Facebook Messenger is no longer just a messenger application. On Wednesday, Facebook announced at F8 having opened the application up as a platform for developers to create third-party applications that can integrate with messenger to do awesome things on mobile devices.

    For the end user, this of course means installing even more applications on their device(s) to achieve a certain functionality, but Facebook hopes that the new features will draw more usage to the Facebook Messenger application and increase its popularity as a whole, not only with users, but with developers wishing to hook into it as well.

    Some application developers have already started their integration. ESPN, Giphy, Bitmoji, Camoji, Talking Tom, and others are some of the first to adopt integration support for Facebook Messenger. All of the applications below are already supported:

    This functionality is tapped into directly from the Facebook Messenger application. To use an application's functionality, the user must first install an application that has the functionality they want, then when they want to use it, they can access the features directly from the Facebook Messenger application by using it as a shortcut to the desired application.

    The add-on-style functionality of Facebook's applications started when Facebook first removed the Messenger functionality from the main application and forced users to download a standalone Facebook Messenger application and was widely disapproved by users, so this new direction in having users download even more applications to use with Facebook Messenger may not be a welcomed decision by users.

    Nonetheless, Facebook Messenger is a free download from this App Store link if you don't already have it installed.

    Sources: Facebook

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    Great, so this means my forced Messenger App is going to crash even more.... Thanks.... Sign me up FaceBook

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    Isn't there an app for using messenger without downloading it in cydia???

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_chosen_one View Post
    Isn't there an app for using messenger without downloading it in cydia???
    Yes there is a tweak that enables it in the Facebook app, but I have no idea if it still even works after the 10+ Facebook updates there have been since I reviewed it.

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    I thought I was bugging yea they patched it I think it's called fbnomessenger

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    Flex 2?

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    Lol a separate app for every feature. Amazing they're doubling down on this.

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    So stupid and has made users very frustrated.. Just a move so they can add more ads.. All about the $.. Always has been always will be...

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