In this post, we're going to show you five great free games and applications for iOS from the App Store to help keep you the loop of some neat free games and applications and hey; feel free to download them and give them a try!

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1. Mr Jump

Mr Jump is a new game for iOS in which you are basically jumping for your life. It's a platform running game where obstacles and falls are quickly approaching. You have to jump over the obstacles and falls to the next platform to survive. You only get one life, so running into an obstacle or falling to your death is game over immediately. The game is separated into levels where you need to try and complete the platform to pass the level. Check it out!

You can download Mr Jump for free from this App Store link.

2. Launcher

Launcher is an incredibly useful quick-launch Notification Center widget for iOS 8 devices where you can create quick shortcuts to your favorite applications, actions, or contacts right inside of Notification Center's Today tab. This is something that, until iOS 8, required a jailbreak to be achieved. It can help save time by bringing all of your favorite functions to one easy-to-get-to place in the iOS operating system. Check it out!

You can download Launcher for free from this App Store link.

3. Don't Don't Don't

Don't Don't Don't is a fun iOS game that will test your patience and your skills. The goal of the game is to get the bird out of the circle, which has a very small hole where you can escape out of. You tap to jump, but it's important not to touch any part of the circle while you're waiting for the opportunity to get out via the hole. If you land on any part of the circle, it's game over. Check it out!

You can download Don't Don't Don't for free from this App Store link.

4. Layout

Layout is a new application compliments of Instagram that allows you to stitch together various photographs in your Camera Roll into a collage. You can make the collage look exactly how you want to by pinching to zoom, dragiing to move photos, and more. you can also apply Instagram filters. The photos are then saved to your Camera Roll so you can share the collages to your favorite social network. Check it out!

You can download Layout for free from this App Store link.


ULTRAFLOW is a cool puzzle game for iOS in which you have to make the puck bounce off of surfaces to the larger puck at the end of the puzzle. You have a limited amount of bounces that you can use, as indicated by the number inside of the puck, and when you bounce more than the number indicated by the puck, your puck will disappear and you'll have to start over. The goal is not to bounce more times than the number indicated and still reach the end. It's a good mix between challenging and fun and isn't so difficult that you'll end up pulling your hair out because of it. Check it out!

You can download ULTRAFLOW for free from this App Store link.

Stay tuned for next week's five great free apps and game for iOS!