Apple has recently tweaked the requirements for Apple Watch app submissions. The new requirements eliminate the problematic phrasing which previously asked for a screenshot taken with a real Watch as opposed to the iOS Simulator prior to the release of the device. The change which was made visible in the official iTunes Connect Developer Guide is believed to be a response to many developers who expressed concern.

Before the March 13 update, the Apple Watch Properties section stated that “screenshots must be created on the Apple Watch, not on the iOS Simulator” as noted by the developer Sahil Kumar. Only a handful of select developers were granted hands-on time with the Apple Watch before its April 24th launch which meant that Apple’s previous screenshot policy would have been blocking the majority of the apps that were even being submitted until the release date. Now, despite Apple not accepting any App Store submissions with WatchKit extensions, developers can still use screenshots from Xcode’s iOS Simulator once the proper access is granted.

As of right now, Apple is likely to start accepting Apple Watch apps sometime over the next few weeks considering it can take up to two weeks for a submission to be approved. The Apple Watch needs third-party app support to ensure that it’s a success, particularly giving competing smartwatches such as the Pebble and Android Wear devices a run for their money. The competition seems so fierce, the Android Wear devices may even get support for the iOS platform just in an effort to compete and stay relevant.

We’ll have to wait and see what apps get accepted and how the launch of the Apple Watch will turn out once the launch date gets closer.

Source: Apple (Developer), Sahil Kumar (Twitter) via AppleInsider