If you have installed iOS 8.2, which was released to the public on Monday with preliminary Apple Watch support among various bug fixes and performance improvements immediately following the 'Spring Forward' special event, then you're well aware that you now have an Apple Watch application icon on your Home Screen that you can tap on to learn more about the Apple Watch, as well as pair the device with your iPhone.

From what it looks like, the Apple Watch isn't the only application icon that is being added to the Home Screen in iOS 8.2 iOS developer Hamza Sood has done some digging around inside of iOS 8.2 and found that when the user pairs their Apple Watch with their iPhone running iOS 8.2, another application icon dubbed "Activity" appears on the Home Screen where the user can track their fitness activity via their Apple Watch.

Sood Tweeted the screenshots above showing some of the interfaces that the application offers to the user. Additional screenshots also show the Home Screen application icon, as well as the splash screen for the application:

The three colors in the Activity application icon stand for standing, walking, and running. They are intended to give you an idea of what kind of lifestyle you're living and how you can be more active to improve your health. Apple has, after all, added countless new health features to iOS with the introduction of iOS 8 and continues to bring more and more to iOS 8 with update, such as Apple's recent ResearchKit API for developers to use in aiding researchers with fighting diseases.

So as it appears, no one outside of the top executive at Apple will have access to this application until the Apple Watch is available to the public, unless you're Mr. Sood of course!

Sources: Hamza Sood