On Monday, Apple surprised and impressed the medical world with the unanticipated unveiling of ResearchKit, a groundbreaking new way to efficiently and securely conduct research and gain unprecedented access to personal health data and information.

Fewer than 48 hours removed from the big reveal of ResearchKit, we're already hearing about massive interest in the platform.

Bloomberg is reporting that Stanford University researchers discovered that 11,000 people signed up for a cardiovascular study using ResearchKit just one day after the iPhone tool was formally unveiled at Apple's "Spring Forward" event.

“To get 10,000 people enrolled in a medical study normally, it would take a year and 50 medical centers around the country,” Alan Yeung, medical director of Stanford Cardiovascular Health, is quoted in the report. “That’s the power of the phone.”

Despite concerns about information reliability and accuracy, the potential of ResearchKit has clearly left the medical world largely enamored with the opportunities at hand. Notwithstanding more than a few challenges, ResearchKit will soon be put to the test in a highly concentrated and comprehensive way. And if the platform works as well as envisioned, it could definitely be a game-changer in the field of modern medical research.

Source: Bloomberg