On Tuesday, the beyond popular Shazam music-tagging application for the iOS platform received an update with a variety of improvements that will appeal to the diverse user base using the application to discover new music for themselves. Version 8.4.0 of the application is now available in the iOS App Store for both the regular and free Shazam application and the paid Shazam Encore application.

The new update brings increase speed to the News Feed, allowing you to get your media news faster than ever before. Shazam has also made it much easier for Facebook users to share what they're listening to, simply by tapping on the share button from any of your Shazams.

Some of the new features in the update include the ability to use new Genre Charts and the ability to have notifications of Shazams sent right to your phone so you never forget what you just tagged, allowing you to go back and check out the song later on.

If you're already a user of Shazam or Shazam Encore, then this update is waiting for you under the Updates tab in the App Store application; if you have automatic updates enabled on your iOS 8 device, then these updates will be installed for you automatically. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of Shazam for free from this App Store link or the latest version of Shazam Encore for $6.99 from this App Store link.

Sources: App Store