As is customary with every one of Apple's special events, Apple's online Web store has been taken offline ahead up Monday's upcoming 'Spring Forward' event. The event is scheduled to begin in approximately two more hours as of this writing.

Apple is expected to unveil pricing and availability details for the new Apple Watch wearable, which is the main reason for taking the site down Monday morning. The Web site will be updated with more details and the ability to order when it comes back up after Monday's event.

Other things being updated on the Web site could be the new Broadwell MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which are expected to have received hardware bumps, as well as the new iOS 8.2, which brings Apple Watch support to iOS devices so that the devices can be paired and users can start using applications for the Apple Watch by third-party developers.

Stay tuned as Monday keeps you updated on the devices and news unveiled at today's event!

Sources: Apple