Amazon Game Studios has noted that four more games for the iOS device will be released soon, two of which are new and the other two are older titles. The two new titles are Lost Within and Til Morning’s Light and the two older ones are Tales from Deep Space and To-Fu Fury. Both Lost Within and Til Morning’s Light are horror themed games- Lost Within is a survival horror title and Til Morning’s Light is an action-adventure horror title.

Players for Lost Within have to solve puzzles and craft weapons while alternating between stealth and combat in order to avoid enemies in the game. The setting of the game is inside an abandoned asylum. Til Morning’s Light is told in the role of a teenage girl named Erica. Players have to solve puzzles, explore, and get in combat while trying to escape a mansion filled with creatures and ghosts.

Players in Tales From Deep Space need to escape a locked-down space station called Big Moon, while being in charge of two characters simultaneously in a comedy adventure. This title can be played in co-op mode with a second device. Last but not least, gamers in To-Fu Fury have special tofu-based abilities and the game is a puzzle-based platformer.

All four games will be available on the iPhone and iPad, but Amazon has yet to announce the release date or prices for the titles. However, it does say ‘coming soon’ so we should expect the announcement sometime soon.

Source: Amazon