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Thread: Google to Lose Billions in Annual Revenue if Apple Doesn't Renew its iOS Search Deal

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    Default Google to Lose Billions in Annual Revenue if Apple Doesn't Renew its iOS Sear...
    Quote Originally Posted by eprisencc View Post
    I would argue that CNN tilts more right than left. MSNBC has not been same since Keith Olbermann left. MSNBC also brings on right leaning guests such as Steve Schmidt and Michael Steele. Furthermore, the left leaning guests that fox brings on are usually weak debaters with the exception of Bill Maher and Jon Stewart. We'll have to pretty much agree to disagree. I get my news from MSNBC and Daily Kos while you likely get yours from Fox News and Red State. I think Obama has been an utter success while you likely think he is a failure. I think George Bush was a pos while you likely dwell on the few good things you think he has done.
    My concern was that hard news is getting influenced by political thought - when it should not. I challenged your naivete in postulating that FoxNews was the only politically motivated network. They are the ONE right leaning network in all of the media world. Thank GOODNESS there's some semblance of balance in an otherwise sea of progressive drivel that is the rest of the media. I'm not a Hannity or Rush guy at all. I'm a right leaning 'compassionate' conservative. I tend to be more progressive when it comes to taking care of people's basic needs as much as possible without everything turning into a handout. We're raising a generation of wimps with their hands out. My grandfather used to consider a job at McDonald's "an opportunity". These days a 17 year old considers it beneath them and wants $15/hour. So sad.

    I am way conservative on protecting this country and fiscal responsibility.. but I'm very disappointed with the Republican's messaging. It's pretty terrible. I feel like I don't have a home anymore... But so many liberals just look like dolts when they speak. They're mostly rich academics speaking for their side and they don't have a clue about the 'common man's' needs they fight so arduously for. And they allow themselves to get caught up in silly causes that only cost money and line their own pockets..

    Tricky times we're living in.. Hard to find a home politically..

    But -- what was our topic here again??? LOL!!
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