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Thread: Long Island Man Reportedly Sustains Second & Third-degree Burns From Exploding iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    He was probably using a cheaply made charger to charge it.
    The CHARGING circuit for the batteries is INSIDE THE PHONE, the only function of the charger is to provide 5V DC at sufficient current. The circuit inside the phone should be robust enough for reasonable variation of the 5V input (i.e., USB ports can provide a bit more or a bit less than 5V). Sure, if the charger provided 20 V this should fry THE CHARGING CIRCUIT (though not necessarily the battery). Blaming the charger is pure non-sense.

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    No matter what this chaps motives are the fact remains he got a burn bad enough to hospitalise him. From professional experience burns are something no one should have to experience! he's likely in quite a bit of pain and will scar quite badly. So no, I don't think it's his Valentine's Day come true. And you cant really comment on the length of his hospital stay without more information. Perhaps he got an infection requiring antibiotics as burns are highly prone to infection or he may have needed debridement surgery to remove melted clothes and plastic. These would both alone require a hospital stay. I have a medical degree by the way so feel I am suitably qualified to comment on this.

    As for the battery exploding, no technology is entirely safe, especially where electric is concerned. Any technology can malfunction. Fact of life. Anyway rather him than me. Although he is likely to get a sizeable settlement from apple....

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    I actually almost had this happen to me last week. I noticed my iPhone 5 screen bulging out where I could see light behind the screen. I took the screen off and found the battery was swollen causing the screen to bulge out. I took the battery out and punctured a small hole in it to defuse it and smoke came out instantly. I'm lucky the phone didn't explode on me. Ive had all generations of iPhone since the beginning and never had this issue on any of them, but then again the iPhone 5 is the only one Ive had to take into apple to replace the sleep button twice.

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