On Monday, Tapbots released an updated version of the extremely popular Tweetbot application for iOS. The new update, version 3.5.2, brings with it some additional support for new Twitter features and improves existing features.

Among the most important, Tweetbot for iOS now supports viewing Twitter videos, which is a relatively new feature that Twitter has enabled on their end. Additionally, Tweetbot now offers better support for viewing animated GIFs in your timeline and whats more is various bug fixes have been implemented to improve the application's stability and performance across the iOS device lineup.

If you're interested in grabbing the update, and already have Tweetbot installed, then you can grab the update from the Updates tab in the App Store application; those with automatic updates enabled will have this update installed automatically for them. Alternatively, you can download Tweetbot for $4.99 from this App Store link.

Notably, Tapbots has also teased Tweetbot for Mac OS X Yosemite and will be available in the Mac App Store soon. Calcbot has also been refreshed recently with an all-new freemium application model.

Sources: App Store