On Thursday, a new report from the Hurun Research Institute showed that, among China's most well-off consumers, Apple products are the most sought-after products today.

Apple's brand popularity among China's so-called "luxury consumers" is even greater than some of the world's fanciest luxury brands, including fashion and beauty heavyweights like Louis Vuitton and Chanel (the full report summary from Hurun Research can be accessed here).

"Apple has shot up to become the preferred brand for gifting by China’s richest, followed by LV. Hermès, last year’s number one, appeared to have become a victim of its own success, dropping down six places to seventh," the report summary reads.

Although the vast majority of Chinese consumers are not frequent luxury product buyers, Apple products are becoming hot commodities among average-income earning Chinese consumers too. Clearly, it's a development with which Apple is well aware, as the iDevice maker is planning to open a number of new retail stores across China in the coming year.

Source: Hurun Research