Apple recently announced its record breaking $74.5 billion in revenue quarter with the usual suspects of US and European sales marking the highest numbers. This time, China ended up quickly moving in on second place after bringing in a huge $16.1 billion. This number rose from $9.5 billion from the first quarter of 2014.

Although still in third place worldwide, China’s performance put the region just behind Europe which ended up generating $17.2 billion in revenue. In comparison to China’s 70% year over year growth, Europe only grew 20% and the domestic revenue was only up 24% going from $24.9 billion to $30.6 billion.

Tim Cook attributed a portion of China’s growth to online sales during Apple’s quarterly conference call. For the first fiscal quarter, revenue from the Chinese Apple Online Store outperformed the sum of the previous five years. Prior to the call, analysts estimated that Apple’s iPhone led the Chinese market during the lucrative holiday quarter coming out ahead of Samsung and local handset manufacturers such as Xiaomi.

Unsurprisingly, Apple is currently expanding into China as part of its important next step for the company. More recently, the company appears to be pushing hard in retail with plans to open 25 new stores in China by 2016 and open five Apple Stores in the region before the Chinese New Year on February 19th.

We’ll have to see how much Apple’s plans in China help the company going forward.

Source: Apple via AppleInsider