Those of you who are “techies” likely utilize a universal remote at home and if you know anything about universal remotes than the Logitech definitely rings a bell. With the company’s more recent Logitech Harmony technology, users will be able to control a large number of devices spread throughout their houses from a single remote or iOS device. The devices that can be controlled range from smart light bulbs to TVs to sound systems, all of which will communicate to a single hub which users will hve control over.

Logitech recently announced the launch of the Harmony API for third-party developers, allowing for developers to create system interactions and combinations that were otherwise locked to Logitech. Coming right out of the gate, the company already appears to be working with IFTTT, ivee, Myo, Playtabase, SmartTHings and Ubi.

If you’ve been following the news recently, this shouldn’t come as a surprise given all the buzz around smart homes at CES 2015 earlier this month. Logitech seems to be fighting for its share of the market hoping that its Harmony API will gain enough traction in the market as the smart home industry continues to grow. We’ll have to wait and see what developers come up with utilizing the Harmony API. In the meantime, Logitech intends to announce new partners in the future and for developers, you can request access at the company’s developer website.

Source: Logitech Harmony