On Wednesday, Google released a major update for Google Translate for iOS and Android devices, adding the ability to translate text and signs in real time using your camera, and even the ability to translate conversations in real time. Google has also just got done launching an updated version of its Google Maps application for iOS, which is now up to version 4.2.0 in the iOS App Store.

Google has added the ability to filter restaurant searches from within the Google Maps application based on the cuisine type, so if you're feeling Italian food, you can now easily find some of the great pizzerias around you. The application also now gives you information about the weather for cities all around the world, lets you add transit directions to your calendar, and lets you drop pins for both the starting and ending navigation points of a destination.

Google also notes that the update brings a variety of bug fixes to make the application more usable and stable than before. The application still has its awesome material design effect too, so not only does it work good, but it looks good too.

If you're already using Google Maps, then this update is available for free right now under the Updates tab in the App Store application. If you have "Automatic Updates" turned on in iOS 8, then this update should automatically have been installed. Your alternative route is to download Google Maps for free from this App Store link directly.

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